The new decade takes on special significance for the Co-Founders of Alliant Associates Office LLC — for Harry Miller and James Levett it marks their 32nd year as tax preparers.

We both started our careers on 72nd Street with a Nationwide tax preparation firm back in 1987 – 1989. Both of us had previous financial experience, so when the opportunity came along we made the move to sole proprietors. We have been joined to the current date.

Harry Miller’s background includes a family move from the Bronx, New York in 1945 to Miami, Florida. He finished Junior High and High School and went on to the University of Miami, finishing with a BBA and LLB (Law School) degrees. He served in the U.S. Army as required by the draft with an overseas tour in Bremerhaven, Germany. Harry returned to New York City to marry and has resided on the Upper West Side of Manhattan ever since.

His prior work experience included 18 years with the Department of Navy retail and merchandising resale system (Post Exchange) before his retirement from the Treasurer Division – Insurance branch. He is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a Tax Preparer.

James Levett has his prior work experience with the forensic lab assigned to the U.S. Postal Service. He has made New York City his permanent home from the start. He attended his formal schooling at New York locations. He has an innate instinct for doing taxes, with a passion. He is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a certified Tax Preparer. His many years in the tax world and competency with the digital devices keep him well informed. He serves our Clients with the most recent computer skills.

We both take our work seriously. Also both are dedicated to our clients with their best interests first and foremost. We are also aware that due diligence must be observed to stay in good stead with the tax authorities.

The world of art appreciation can be easily observed from our office walls, the traditional as well as contemporary artists.

We both share our abilities in the world of tax preparation with the utmost privacy and awareness of the importance of confidentiality. Our office systems are maintained with a commanding view of this mandate.

We thank you for allowing us the chance to get you the best result from the complex tax regulations. Please allow us the opportunity of getting to know you.


Tahirah Muhammad, IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer

Aubrey Reid, IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer

Brittney Kizner, IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer


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